Sustainable Materials

We only ever use natural fibres at Celtic & Co. because they are renewable, sustainable and a pleasure to wear. The pieces we design are thoughtfully crafted from yarns and fibres that are kind to people and the planet.

In our strive to improve on sustainable sourcing and production, we have incorporated this environmentally conscious fabric into some of our key lines for the new season. Supplied from Italian spinners holding GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and 4sustainability® accreditations this lightweight and cooling recycled cotton offers the ultimate comfort for your Spring Summer wardrobe.

Unbeatably soft and luxuriously lightweight, this semi-synthetic plant based fabric deriving from wood cellulose is a new season favourite thanks to its flattering finish. Breathable and cool to wear, a touch of viscose is the perfect light layer for the upcoming warmer months.

Utilising on the longevity and strength offered by linen, Celtic & Co. have sought out how to further make our summer lines more sustainable and eco-friendly. Recycled linen provides all the beneficial properties of the material with an improved approach in reviving and reusing the fabric.

Leading the way in our Spring Summer collection, this plant-based fabric combines durability and supreme softness for functional style. Sourced from world renowned Lyocell producer Lenzing, the fabric offers breathable, water-absorbent properties for when those warmer season come around.

Here at Celtic & Co., we are thrilled to welcome this highly durable material in two of our key seasonal lines. Hemp offers these designs a strength four times that of cotton and possesses a high retention of colour superior to any other fabric, whilst using 1/20th the amount of water as regular cotton to grow and process.

Grown, using natural compost and sourced through an ethical supply chain, made in Britain our latest refined range of GOTS certified organic Egyptian eco-cotton is as soft on the environment as it is on your skin.

Linen is lightweight and breathable, allowing cool air to pass through and keep skin cool and comfortable. Linen is a natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial fibre.

Unbelievably soft with its super-fine silkiness, merino wool is a hero yarn for so many reasons.

Nothing beats merino wool for all-round comfort and versatility. With temperature-regulating properties that no synthetic fibre can mimic, this silky yarn acts as a buffer against the elements and provides featherlight breathability, making it the perfect choice throughout all four seasons.

Our sumptuous Geelong Wool is crafted in Italy by a family firm with over 350 years experience creating the finest yarns. Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about this luxurious material. 

Our British sheepskin is a by-product of the food industry, a waste product that would otherwise have to be incinerated. Bought in support of British farmers and turned into the most luxurious footwear - upcycling at its very best!

The beauty of sheepskin is that it helps to regulate body temperature. During the summer months, sheepskin can keep you cool, and in winter, sheepskin helps to keep your body warm and comfortable

One of the planets most versatile and natural fibres, sheepskin is used every day in our workshop to create beautifully handcrafted slippers.

Loaded with colourful character, the Donegal wool we use is carefully selected to ensure it meets exacting standards.

With up to seven individual colours in the yarn, plus an additional seven or eight colours of fleck dotted along the surface, Donegal wool manages to balance rustic charm with luxurious softness, showcasing the style of some of our chunkier pieces to perfection.

When you love cashmere as much as we do, the idea of regenerating it to reduce the impact on our planet is music to our ears.

Crafted in Italy, the recycled cashmere that we use is created from loveworn pieces that have been brought back to life by expert hands.

Laxtons is a British wool manufacturer with more than 100 years of heritage. The British wool we use is created using only natural fibres and crafted from their state-of-the-art-factory, generating premium yarns that have been chosen by many renowned British brands.

Our waxed cotton provides a classic British style with the benefit of being comfortably lightweight. Its warmth makes it the perfect go-to for those transitional autumnal days. 

There's a reason why we use sheepskin leather so much. This incredible material balances form with function, offering a chic look with lightweight insulation in the winter and temperature regulation when the warmer months roll around.

We use leather for all its natural benefits, providing breathable comfort with a rugged nature to deal with whatever you throw at it.

Our classic leather luggage range is the natural choice, wether on a city break or some timeout in the country wilds or along Cornish coastline.