Loaded with colourful character, the Donegal wool we use is carefully selected to ensure it meets exacting standards.

With up to seven individual colours in the yarn, plus an additional seven or eight colours of fleck dotted along the surface, Donegal wool manages to balance rustic charm with luxurious softness, showcasing the style of some of our chunkier pieces to perfection.


The History of Donegal

Our Donegal wool is produced by the only mill still spinning the yarn in Ireland. With over several hundred years’ experience they are experts at crafting this chunky, yet super soft yarn.

The original spinning mill is still operating today, where a mixture of traditional and state of the art machinery is used. This ensures that consistent yarns are produced, up to the latest standards, with no compromise to quality and tradition.


Donegal Yarn

Donegal wool is best known for its characterful flecks, our yarns have a base blend of up to seven colours with a further seven or eight colours of solid fleck giving contrast on the yarns surface.

The yarn itself does not come from a specific breed of sheep and our soft Donegal is actually made from a sleeker merino wool with low levels of lanolin. Lanolin is a natural water repellent chemical present in wool, at higher levels it reduces the breath-ability of a knitted garment as well as the amount of water it can hold without feeling wet.


Natural Insulator 

Wool gives superior insulation performances compared to man-made fibres – it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

We use our blend of merino Donegal in our chunkier knits as it offers supreme warmth with a super-soft feel, avoiding the scratchy texture you often get with other chunky wools.

donegal wool

Our Donegal Range

Donegal has featured in our collections for more than 10 years, always generating a beautiful rustic effect, with a super-soft and light cosiness.

Our UK based suppliers have over 40 years’ experience in quality yarn production. All Donegal yarns are designed, coloured and stocked in the UK and they are exclusive exporters of the only true Donegal yarn on the market.