Linen is somewhat of a curiosity in that it’s both highly breathable whilst also a natural insulator. During the cooler months it’ll capture your body-heat and keep you warm and cosy and in the summer it will keep you pleasantly cool and fresh.

Linen’s secret lies within the properties of it’s 'flax fibre'. Due to these larger natural fibres and open weave it allows the air to circulate freely, offering excellent breathability. This also means that it dries faster than cotton. If you’re planning a holiday this year then linen should be one of the first items in your suitcase 

It also has the added benefit of being a natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial fibre.

Linen top

Natural Strength

Having started off life in a field and harvested from the fibres of the Flax plant, the linen production process is both time consuming and inevitably expensive. However, we think that it's worth the going the extra mile. 

Due to the longer length of each fibre, linen is intrinsically stronger and more durable than cotton. In fact linen is widely regarded as one of the world’s strongest natural fibres and is way more durable than cotton. This benefit means that your favourite garment will keep it's shape and form for years rather than seasons.

Flax Plant Dried

Slow Fashion

We're pioneers of 'slow fashion', a slower turnover of garments contributing to less waste and less resources, meaning a lower impact on our collective environment. Linen's natural inherent strength and durability enables garments hold their shape over time, so it's a perfect example of 'slow fashion' that's compatible with the future of the fashion industry and planet.

Flax plant

Responsible Fashion

Our European partners pride themselves on their commitment to ethical and social responsibility, championing human rights regulations established by the European council. They understand that a healthy, happy and passionate workforce produces a higher quality product that we can all be proud of.

Factory meeting

Eco Fabric

Choosing an eco-friendly, naturally sustainable fabric also dovetails with our vision of a product that is of the highest quality and value to both our customers and the environment.

Natural materials logo on linen texture


Our linen collection brings us back to our core values which is a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, whilst maintaining a sustainable lifecycle. When your garment eventually reaches the end of it’s natural life, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that it will naturally biodegrade back down to the land from which it was grown.

This is the ethos we buy-into and we hope you do too.

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