Unbelievably soft with its super-fine silkiness, merino wool is a hero yarn for so many reasons.

Nothing beats merino wool for all-round comfort and versatility. With temperature-regulating properties that no synthetic fibre can mimic, this silky yarn acts as a buffer against the elements and provides featherlight breathability, making it the perfect choice throughout all four seasons.


The History of Merino

Merino sheep have played a major role in international fashion with their highly prized fine wool. Originating in Spain, Merino sheep were introduced to Australia in 1797 and through selective breeding developed into the super-fine authentic merino, with all it's unique qualities, that we know today.


Strength & Resilience

Merino wool fibres have the ability to be bent, flexed and stretched in any direction 30,000 times or more without damage.

Due to it's fine fibre, merino wool is incredibly elastic and able to retain its shape after years of stretch, wear and repeated washing.


Breathability & Moisture Management

A natural way to maintain a comfy body temperature, merino wool is a moisture-wicking wonder. With the ability to absorb and hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture while maintaining a dry handle, this is the ultimate yarn to be worn year-round.

Merino's ability to handle water also gives it the added benefit of being odour resistant. Bacteria don't have the moist environment they need to thrive, making merino perfect as a base layer or for active use.


Our Suppliers

As always, we only ever work with experts in their trade, and our merino wool suppliers are no different.

Following strict qualitative parameters and innovative production processes, our extra fine merino wool rivals cashmere for its softness.

Spun in Italy by two of the best yarn makers worldwide, our merino wool is a pioneer for quality and innovation in the spinning and knitwear industry. 


Our Merino Range

Spun in Italy, merino is used throughout our collection for its exceptional properties. Whilst the yarn is imported, as these properties are only true to specific flocks, many of our merino garments are then hand crafted into timeless classics right here in Great Britain. This allows us to create quality products, in our distinctive style, whilst working with the best possible wools from around the globe.