Recycled Linen

Utilising on the longevity and strength offered by linen, we at Celtic & Co. have sought out how to further make these summer lines more sustainable and eco-friendly. Recycled linen provides all the beneficial properties of the material with an improved approach in reviving and reusing the fabric.



Thanks to its strength and durability, well cared for linen has been known to last through the generations with many European cultures handing certain linen items down as family heirlooms. Made from flax plant fibres, linen is naturally moth-resistant and can withstand high temperatures making it ideal for when the warmer climates roll in. Production of linen is cost-effective and uses far less water consumption than cotton.


Combining the natural strength of linen with a reduced impact on the planet, reusing pre-consumer waste through recycled fabric is a great way to feel every bit as good as you look. Improving with every wash and possessing moth resistant and anti-microbial properties, these styles boast longevity and reduced environmental impact. Linen offers the benefits of being a natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial fibre. It is both highly breathable and a natural insulator, with its garments drying much faster than those made from cotton.



Based in Italy, our yarn spinner for recycled linen is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and 4Sustainability certified, and possesses OEKO-TEX 100 standards. As pioneers of 'slow fashion,' we continue to strive for a reduced impact on our environment and seek the same drive from our suppliers. This naturally durable fabric retains its shape as time passes, making it a prime example of how recycling previous styles can produce a 'slow fashion' garment.