A new material for our summer collection, our Lyocell is derived from sustainably grown wood fibres, produced using a closed loop system to keep its environmental impact as low as possible. This fabric boasts a super soft handle and cool, breathable properties that will keep you feeling fresh and dry on even the hottest of days.


The Feel

Soft, smooth and breathable with a reassuring weight that makes it drape beautifully. Lyocell is a luxurious fabric that is perfectly suited to the British summer. The fabric is highly durable and has a beautiful drape, which is flattering for all body shapes. Lyocell doesn’t crease as much as many other natural fabrics and will stay wrinkle free throughout the day.


Lyocell is becoming increasingly popular due to its incorporation of sustainable plant-based fibres, primarily composed of cellulose derived from eucalyptus wood. Eco-friendly and ethically sourced, the fibre production process for Lyocell is known as a 'closed loop'. The manufacturing process is free of any harmful bi-products and toxic chemicals, as well as having a short and simple production cycle to ensure as little water and energy is required as possible.


Cleaning & Care

Most of our Lyocell range can be machine washed on a cool cycle and line dried, keeping energy usage to a minimum. The wrinkle resistant properties also mean no ironing is required. A few pieces are handwash only so make sure to keep any eye on the cleaning and care instructions for each product.