Sheepskin Boots

Our British sheepskin is a by-product of the food industry, a waste product that would otherwise have to be incinerated. Bought in support of British farmers and turned into the most luxurious footwear - upcycling at its very best!

Made in our Cornish workshop

We’ve been making sheepskin boots by hand for nearly 30 years at Celtic & Co. Manufactured within a purpose-built factory on Cornwall’s north coast, our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship has helped to give us a name synonymous with high quality. 

Watch how our beautiful sheepskin boots are handcrafted in our Cornish workshop.


Quality Materials

Our sheepskin boots are designed to stand the test of time; handcrafted from the finest quality, British sheepskin and finished with an Italian rubber sole. Double-stitched seams offer extra resilience and a reinforced heel back in shaved sheepskin will help to preserve the shape, bringing you lasting style and durability.


British Sheepskin

Our heritage in crafting sheepskin boots is sustainable style at its simplest. We take a material that would otherwise be considered a waste product and lovingly make it into something that will keep you warm and cosy for years to come.

Due to the harsh British climate, British sheepskin is thicker, warmer and more able to deal with the elements than the Australian sheepskin used by other manufacturers.This makes our boots extra cosy on cold Winter days, but as sheepskin is naturally temperature regulating they can be worn all year round.

Made in Great Britain our handmade boots come in many different styles and colours.


Resole Service

We offer a resole service that allows us to positively impact our customers and the environment. There is no need to dispose of your much-loved sheepskin footwear when we can reduce waste by reusing and restoring your original boots.

Find out more about our resole service here.


Machine Washable

Almost all our sheepskin boots are machine washable with our Celtic Wool Wash. Simply place them in a pillowcase to avoid drum marks from the washing machine and wash on a 30 degree cycle. Be sure to check the product pages as some boots should be sponge cleaned only, particularly those that feature a Toscana trim. 


Our Sheepskin Boots Range

From classic sheepskin boots available in several colours, to water resistant Aqualamb boots for rainy days, and popper knee high boots to keep your feet as cosy and warm as possible.

Inspired by the sandy Cornish beaches, our coastal tones feature throughout the range. With extra detailing and support, our boots are built to last.

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