5 Tricks to Warm Little Feet

We all know how luxuriously soft and fantastically warm shearling is to wear, so we’ve used these benefits to create our range of shearling products, designed to keep little feet extra warm and toasty. Shearling is an incredible fabric that can help to keep you warm and cosy in winter and cool during the warmer months, thanks to its hollow wool fibres that help to regulate body temperature. 

#1: At Home; Perfect for Play

Our shearling Infant Fleece which adds cosy comfort to cots and prams, as well as making a great play mat, is a fantastic way of keeping your little one warm and comfortable. The soft and delicate shearling is kind to sensitive skin and is a beautiful shade of ivory. It can also be machine washed with Celtic & Co wool wash so that it stays clean and irresistibly soft all year round. 

#2: Out and About; Create a Cocoon of Warmth

To keep your child warm while in their pushchair, we recommend creating a cocoon of warmth and barrier against the elements with our beautiful shearling Pushchair Liner. With handy universal incisions to feed the straps of the pushchair through, the liner is suitable for all pushchairs, allowing your little one to enjoy warmth and comfort while on the go. 

#3: The Early Years; Preparing for those First Steps 

Our range of shearling footwear for babies and kids' feature Pram Shoes suitable for 0-6 months as well as pure shearling Crawlers for babies between 6-12 months old. Hand-crafted from beautifully supple shearling in soft pastel shades, the fabric is flexible, allowing little feet to grow. As shearling helps to regulate body temperature, our shearling shoes for children are perfect all year round.

#4: Great for Growing Feet, Every Step of the Way 

As your little ones grow, move on to our beautiful range of kids' shearling boots, ranging from sizes 5-6 up to 13-1 in a variety of colours and designs. Happy feet are guaranteed in these styles, with the Celt and Shorties being our most popular designs. These boots feature the same high quality of our adult’s collection, allowing your little ones to wear boots just like yours! 

#5: Shearling Insoles for Toasty Toes

Finally, keep little toes warm whilst at school with our super snug Shearling Insoles. Let them enjoy the warmth and comfort of shearling all year round with our best-selling, 100% shearling insoles in ivory. Available in shoe sizes and machine washable, they will soon become their favourite accessory for each and every pair of shoes, both in and outside of the classroom. 

Both warming in the winter and cooling in the summer sun, here at Celtic & Co we offer a range of shearling products to be there every step of the way as your little ones grow up. 

What are your favourite memories of your little ones in our shearling boots? 

Get in touch with pictures and stories of your kids growing up with Celtic & Co; we would love to hear from you…