Circular Fashion

Circular Fashion at Celtic & Co.

A sense of environmental and social responsibility has been woven into the DNA of Celtic & Co. since we began crafting sheepskin products over 30 years ago. Inspiring everything from manufacturing to our relationship with our employees, our slow and considered approach has driven our enduring commitment to pioneering and improving at every opportunity.

At its core, our mission is striving for a better fashion future. While we have been front runners of the slow fashion movement since 1990, crafting products which are designed to last a lifetime, we are not content to stand still. Instead we continually seek out new ways to improve, always keeping the conversation open with you about where we feel we could do better. From what we’ve achieved in reducing our plastic packaging to track our energy use, sharing our journey with you is an important part of our aim to be as transparent as possible

"Sustainability is the first thought in the design and production of our garments, with a goal of achieving circular fashion model." - Kath, Founder

Passionate supporters of British manufacturing, the majority of our products are made within Great Britain. Not only does this help us build great relationships with our suppliers but its one of 16 key circular principles in which we have carefully built our business model around. Created to support a circular and sustainable fashion industry, other key principles include providing services to support long life, which we do with our repair and resole service, and designing for longevity, which shines through in every double stitched seam, durable sole and premium fabric choice.


Our purpose is focused on creating enduring, contemporary pieces using only the finest natural fibres, but our responsibility extends beyond what we make. Every element of our company is carefully considered. Our suppliers sign our  code of conduct and are members of relevant trade membership organisations such as Sedex and Leather Working Group so we know that our supply chains are clean and responsible. We look for environment and social responsibility at every turn.

"Circular fashion is a system where our clothing and personal belongings are produced through a more considered model: where the production of an item and the end of its life are equally as important." -

Animal welfare is important to us too. We ensure none of our farmers carry out mulesing, and we choose our suppliers for their long-standing reputations. In fact, no detail is overlooked at Celtic & Co. Our sustainability working group, featuring a team leader from every department, meets once a month to make sure we keep our key goals on track and discuss ongoing improvements to our factory, warehouse and offices.  Sustainability is at the heart of our promise to you and it's important to us that we embrace it at every level, even the parts you don't see.