Our commitment to minimising our environmental impact means we care about what we make from the beginning of its life until the end. Keeping what we design out of landfill is a high priority, and we encourage our customers to be creative with upcycling their Celtic & Co. pieces.

When your clothes come to the end of their life, consider redesigning and repurposing. By upcycling, you can take advantage of the high quality of our materials and create something new from something old.


We recycle everything we can in our offices, factory and warehouse too. Where any pieces or materials from the manufacturing process can't be repurposed, we take care to recycle them responsibly. Sometimes plastic is unavoidable and we do still receive stock from our suppliers in plastic bags. However, we make sure we reuse those plastic bags within the factory and warehouse at least 15 times before it's then responsibly recycled. We never use single use plastic packaging in customer orders.

We encourage our customers to take on the same approach with the packaging from their orders; whether this be reusing it for storage purposes or checking with local recycling facilities to dispose of sustainably.

Wherever possible we try to utilise single fibre fabrics rather than blends, due to it being much easier for recyclers to turn a single fibre into a new fibre, which extends its life indefinitely. This includes combinations of the same type of fibre. For example, a 50% merino and 50% alpaca blend is just as easy to recycle as 100% lambswool, as they are all woollen fibres.

We are also always looking into new projects for ways to improve our circularity. Recently this has included taking our Geelong waste jumpers and repurposing them into gloves at our Newquay factory. The waste from this production is then being diverted back to a Midlands-based spinner, who will use this waste to create a new yarn which can be spun into new garments.