Natural Sustainable Style


For everyone to enjoy the comfort and cosiness of wearing natural sustainable fibres that are kinder to our planet.

A sense of environmental and social responsibility has been woven into the DNA of Celtic & Co. since we began crafting sheepskin products over 30 years ago. Inspiring everything from manufacturing to our relationship with our employees, our slow and considered approach has driven our enduring commitment to pioneering and improving at every opportunity.

At our core we strive for a better fashion future. We have been front runners of the slow fashion movement since 1990, crafting products which are designed to last a lifetime. We aim to encourage consumers to reduces mass consumption and waste through buying quality over quantity, and to repair items rather than replace.



Our mission is to create beautiful, natural sustainable clothing and footwear that everyone can choose over petroleum-based synthetic fibres that are damaging to our environment. 

We consider our impact on the planet and people with every decision we make from sourcing suppliers as close to home as possible to only using the finest natural fibres in our range.

Passionate supporters of British manufacturing, many of our products are made within Great Britain. Not only does this help us build great relationships with our suppliers, but it’s one of 16 key circular principles in which we have carefully built our business model around. Created to support a circular and sustainable fashion industry, other key principles include providing services to support long life, which we do with our repair and resole service, and designing for longevity.



1. We’ll always offer the best quality we can at a fair price to our customers, with excellent customer service to match 

2. We’ll only ever use natural fibres for our products as we think this is the only truly sustainable choice in the fashion industry 

3. We’ll always source from British suppliers when we can and are passionate about supporting British manufacture and farming

4. We’ll always minimise waste to landfill by creating products that will last a long time. Our knitwear will naturally bio-degrade at the end of its life and we prolong the life of our sheepskin boots by offering a re-sole and repair service

5. We’ll always care for the wellbeing of our staff, suppliers and local community


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