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Discover the world of sustainable fashion with our resale service, offering customers the opportunity to shop for preloved Celtic garments and give them a second chance to shine. Additionally, you can also contribute to the circular fashion movement by sending in your own Celtic garments in exchange for a voucher, allowing them to be reimagined and given a new lease of life for someone else to enjoy.


You can now send in your preloved Celtic & Co. garments for expert repair and restoration, which we will then feature on our resale page. Customers who send in their clothing will receive a generous £20 Celtic & Co. voucher to use on your next purchase. And for those who send in coats, we're offering a 25% discount on a brand new Celtic & Co. coat. Join us in our commitment to circular fashion.


For both Resale services, send your Celtic & Co. garment along with a note detailing your name, contact details, and service needed to:

Celtic & Co. Resale Dept 
Unit 2, Lodge Way 
Indian Queens
St. Columb

Once we receive your garment it will be assessed by our customer service team who will then issue you with a £20 voucher for clothing / 25% coat discount for Repair & Resale coats as soon as the item is approved. 

The assessment will take approx. 14 days, this may increase during peak times.

Please wash your item carefully following the garment's care label instructions before returning them to us. All items must be in like-new condition to qualify for resale, with the exception of the damaged area if garment requires the Repair & Resale service.

If your item doesn't pass quality control, you will be contacted to chose whether you want your garment returned to you or sent to charity/recycled.

Shop our current collection of preloved Resale garments below.