What to pack for a holiday to Cornwall.

Like almost everywhere in the UK, the Cornish weather is unpredictable, so you need to pack strategically and then you’ll be ready for anything. Whatever you choose to do while you’re in our home county, our ultimate packing guide for a trip to Cornwall will see you through.

Comfortable shoes.

Having the right shoes can make or break a holiday. Nobody wants to walk around all day in uncomfortable or wet shoes. If you plan on making the most of walking along our beautiful coastline, pack a decent pair of walking boots or if you are escaping to Cornwall for a winter break opt for our woodsman boots. If you’re planning to spend as much time at the beach as possible make sure you pack some flipflops or a simple pair of sandals

Raincoat with a hood

A shower can happen at any time in Cornwall. So, no matter where you go always make sure you have a raincoat, either in the car or in your bag, and ensure it has a hood, so you can attempt to keep your hair and face dry. For inclement weather, our waxed cotton parka, which comes in three colours is the perfect showerproof coat for any Cornish trip. 

A warm jumper.

There is nothing like snuggling up in a warm cosy jumper while watching the sun disappear behind the horizon on the beach or in a beer garden. Always opt for a woollen jumper, as it will keep you cool while the sun is up and help keep you warm as the temperature drops and darkness descends. 

Sheepskin slippers.

Don’t forget to pack your trusty sheepskin slippers for those nights when all you plan to do is to sit by the fire in your cottage enjoying the simple things such as a glass of wine, a good book or good company.  


As we have already mentioned, Cornish weather is unpredictable, and the temperatures can change quickly, turning from warm to cold and back again at the drop of a hat. To keep on top of this we recommend that you dress in layers. Pair your jeans or leggings with our linen tops and finish with our slouchy roll neck jumper for a cosy nautical look. 


It's always wise to pack some sunscreen. The lobster look will never be fashionable and plus, it's not good for your skin. While the sea and the fresh air can be great for your skin, you need to protect it from the sun’s rays. If you are surfing, SUPing or bodyboarding make sure you opt for a sunscreen that is highly water resistant and is UVB and UVA protection. 

If you need more help on planning your Cornish holiday then take a look our blog on what to do in Cornwall when it rains