British Made Sheepskin Slippers

Pure Comfort – Sheepskin Slippers for Ladies, gentlemen and children

When autumn approaches and winter then follows hard on its heels- the temperatures drop and you’ll soon find yourself wishing for a soft, warm, comfortable pair of slippers. Take a look at some of the wonderful handmade sheepskin slippers we offer, and make sure you’re comfortable this winter. There is nothing better that a good pair of British sheepskin slippers - once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back!

Celtic & Co has made genuine, high quality sheepskin slippers for decades, and over the years, we have made sure that nothing essential has changed. We still make every pair of slippers at our Newquay factory, and we still use locally sourced all-natural English sheepskin. We know that traditional hand-crafting methods and real, all-natural materials are the key to making an attractive, long lasting (and hard-wearing) product, and that will never change.

Every pair of sheepskin slippers we produce is built to last, and should provide years of well-fitted comfort, as well as proud ownership of some of the warmest toes in England, even in the harshest Northern winter. Each pair is made from the finest (and softest) sheepskins available, and provide truly a truly luxurious degree of warmth and comfort.

Natural, Sustainable Materials

Celtic and Co. are committed to producing not just top quality sheepskin slippers but also a sustainable and waste-free sheepskin industry. Every skin we use is a by-product of the UK farming industry, and helps make sure that we use of every part of these creatures in traditional, environmentally-friendly ways. Not only do you get a pair of the best sheepskin slippers in the UK, you know you are doing your part to help save the planet.

Our Quality Guarantee

Because we make each pair of sheepskin slippers by hand from the finest British sheepskins available, you know they will be thicker, warmer and softer than any other slipper on the market today. In fact, we guarantee you’ll not find another sheepskin slipper of our quality, comfort or durability on the market today!

Suede moccasins

If our traditional sheepskin slippers are not to your tastes, we have several types of suede moccasins available, all sheepskin lined, of course!