How to Clean Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin slippers are the unrivalled premium choice when finding that perfect something to keep your toes cosy around the home. Offering comfort and timeless style, these investment pieces are designed to last... however, they still require a few straightforward steps to ensure the longevity of your slippers. Invest in a pair of Sheepskin Slippers for lasting luxury.


Here at Celtic & Co., almost all of our Sheepskin Slippers are machine washable! For specific washing instructions, please review the product label attached to your pair. 

To avoid marking your slippers on the machine drum, secure them in a pillowcase before adding them to a 30 degree wool cycle with our Celtic Wool Wash.

Please note that darker colours can fade over time when washed.

Do not use fabric conditioner.


For best results, we recommend hand-washing your slippers with wool wash

You may find some styles are sponge clean only. In these cases, gently gently sponge dirt and stains from your slippers using cold water.


When removing grease and oil based stains, apply talcum powder or chalk to draw it out for a few hours before proceeding to carefully brush it away.

You may then go on to spot clean your slippers with cleaner spray or wool wash.


To ensure the best result, once you have followed the necessary previous steps for cleaning your sheepskin slippers, it is important to let your pair dry naturally and away from any artificial heat sources or direct sunlight.


Cut down on the regularity in which you have to clean your slippers by making sure you are taking all necessary steps to care for them. We recommend using a protective shield formulated to repel rain and stains such as our Universal Protector Spray. This clever little tool dries clear and won't alter the appearance of your slipper, it simply encourages all liquids to slide straight off!


Sheepskin Slippers are designed to stand the test of time. At Celtic & Co., we offer a repair and resoling service for our customers who's slippers have been adored to the brink and need a little attention to get them back to looking their best! For information of how you can give your Celtic & Co. Sheepskin Slippers a new lease of life, please visit our Resole & Repair page.