We answer your most frequently asked questions about our favourite sheepskin footwear.

FAQ's About Sheepskin Boots

Get the most out of your summer garments. Read on to follow our 'how to' guide.

Caring For Your Linen

Our simple approach to fixing your knits from home and extending the life of your clothing.

How to Fix Knitwear

Offering comfort and timeless style, an investment pair of Sheepskin Slippers are designed to last... however, they still require a few straightforward steps to ensure their longevity. Invest in a pair of Sheepskin Slippers for lasting luxury.

How to Clean Sheepskin Slippers

When it comes to caring for your sheepskin coats and jackets, we understand why you may feel a tad tentative! That is why we have pulled together a combination of our top-tips to keep your outerwear in year-round peak condition.

How to Clean Sheepskin Coats and Jackets

Cleaning footwear can often sit at the top of the list when it comes to daunting tasks. Follow our step-by-step process for cleaning your leather Footwear.

How to Clean Leather Footwear