Press Release: Celtic & Co. won’t be playing the Black Friday game

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Celtic & Co. won’t be playing the Black Friday game

For the last 30 years, Celtic & Co. has stood for sustainable Slow Fashion, that lasts beyond the fashion trends for years to come. Because we truly believe in quality instead of quantity, we have decided to step out of the Black Friday game and not offer any special discounts the week commencing Black Friday or on the day itself.

Instead we want to set an example of consciousness. We will ask our customers to think before they buy, will they wear an item of clothing more than a few times? Will it last? Will it go out of fashion and get left at the back of their wardrobe? And what will happen when they decide it has had its day?

Fashion has been branded as the second most polluting industry in the world, emitting more carbon than international flights and maritime fishing combined. Fast Fashion fuels this with over £140,000,000 of usable clothing making its way to landfill every year, each piece being worn on average only 7 times. The synthetic fibres in these clothes do not biodegrade and pollute the surrounding environment.

“Instead of offering big, out of the norm discounts, that completely undermine the quality and care that went into the making of our garments and disrespect the people who made them, we have decided to donate £1 from each order on Black Friday to charity. We want to set an example to show that we care about a sustainable society every day of the year. We won’t forget our ethos and our own aspiration towards what we’re doing just for the sake of more sales.” Says Kath Whitworth, co-founder of Celtic & Co.

The charity in favour is CLIC Sargent, which is also the beneficiary of all profits of the sales of the knitted Facemasks, that Celtic & Co. sells. “We donated £10, 509 to the Newquay Foodbank earlier this Autumn and we hope that we will be able to give a similar amount to CLIC Sargent. We want to bring into focus the value of sharing and caring for each other on Black Friday as an antidote to discounting. We are sure our customers will appreciate that approach and join us in our efforts.” Says Zoe Bray, Marketing Manager of Celtic & Co.

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