Press Release: Celtic & Co. releases Circular Fashion page to be more transparent

Press Release: For immediate circulation

Celtic & Co. releases Circular Fashion page on their website with new information to inform and educate customers and media and be more transparent about their work

Sustainability in fashion is becoming more and more important to customers. Unfortunately, green washing is a big problem that comes with the popularity of the topic, so Celtic & Co. felt the need to show their customers and the media that they are truly a sustainable fashion company.

With 30 years of experience, they have always prioritised sustainability, nevertheless Celtic & Co. is always striving to be better and use new technologies and ways to optimise their circular business model. To showcase this, they’ve created a new page on their website to show the Celtic & Co. way of Circular Fashion.

“Customers still have to dig deep to find out the truth behind the sustainability approach of most fashion retailers, because there’s a lack of transparency. There’s a lot of information about the topic – but what does being sustainable in the world of fashion really mean? For Celtic & Co. it’s about creating long lasting pieces that are of the highest quality; only using natural fibres; producing as locally as possible and not over-producing.” Says Zoe Bray, Marketing Manager of Celtic & Co.

“We have 30 years of experience and want to educate our customers in a fully transparent way, where our yarns and sheepskins come from, how and where they have been made, how we operate and what our business model of a circular fashion economy actually means.” Says Kathrin Barnes, Press Officer for Celtic & Co.

“It is an overwhelmingly complex topic that covers our whole operation. So, our challenge was to include lots of content into a piece that is still easy to read and navigate through. We have designed an interactive infographic, that guides readers through the 7 points of Circular Fashion.” Says Chris Farrow, E-Commerce Manager at Celtic & Co.

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