Press Release: Celtic & Co. donate £10,509 to Newquay Foodbank from Covid-19 Face Mask sales

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Celtic & Co. donate £10,509 to Newquay Foodbank from Covid-19 Face Mask sales

Today, Celtic & Co. made a huge donation to Newquay Foodbank, to support their passionate and unfaltering work within the local community during these uncertain times.

“We hope this donation from the sale of our Knitted Face Masks will help Newquay Foodbank deliver more essential food for local people in need.” Founder of Celtic & Co., Nick Whitworth says.

Steph Carlyon from Newquay Foodbank: “Donations like todays from Celtic and Co have blown us away! The kindness and selflessness of the Community is outstanding. To know that people are willing to put their time and effort into a project as worthy as the creation of Face Masks to protect the vulnerable from the pandemic and then donate the money raised from this worthy venture to support another Charity also effected by the crisis is a shining example of human compassion and love.”

Celtic & Co. is committed to making a difference in their local community. Donating to charities in need is one aspect of the sustainable work ethic of the company. As Covid-19 affected many charities ability to raise money, it was no question that all profits from the sales of the Knitted Face Mask would go towards a charity organisation. Kath Whitworth, co-founder of Celtic & Co, regularly volunteers at the Foodbank so understood first-hand the need for extra support during lockdown and afterwards.

“As people get made redundant, unfortunately more and more families are in need of support. We want to make sure that at least the basic need of food is covered for as many people as possible.” Says Kath.

“As the Covid-19 situation progresses, we will continue to sell our Face Masks with all profits going towards different charities. Our members of staff have voted and decided that the next charity we will support will be CLIC Sargent. It’s a charity close to many of our hearts - especially during these difficult times.” Says Nick further.

For further information about Newquay Foodbank, please visit for more details.

For further information about CLIC Sargent, please visit for more details.

To purchase a sustainable Face Mask and help children with cancer, please visit:

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