• Celtic & Co. is a luxury British brand, offering a wide range of products made exclusively from the finest, natural, sustainable materials. These fibres are naturally sourced and crafted into investment styles, designed and predominantly produced in the UK, seeing you through the seasons and for many years to come.
  • Celtic & Co operates through their UK and international websites, mail order and a handful of small boutiques.
  • The company was founded in 1990 by husband and wife team Nick and Kath Whitworth. Starting life as Hide & Feet and then The Original UGG Co, they later traded as Celtic Sheepskin with the brand finally changing to Celtic & Co. in 2012 to reflect the growing collection.
  • Celtic & Co. has evolved into one of the UK’s largest dedicated retailers of luxury sheepskin products.
  • Celtic’s iconic sheepskin boots and slippers are true originals and are still handcrafted in their workshop in Newquay by their talented staff.
  • They were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise - International Trade in 2018 & again in 2020.
  • Celtic fans include the Duchess of Cambridge, Angelina Jolie and Dame Judy Dench to name but a few


Tone of Voice is how our personality is conveyed consistently across all our communications.

Celtic & Co.’s tone of voice is intrinsic inner confidence.

  • We are relaxed and informal
  • We are quietly confident
  • We are intrinsically proud of our heritage
  • We have expertise – we know about yarns and sheepskin and why they work for our products
  • We are easy to deal with, uncomplicated and use everyday language
  • We know ourselves and what motivates us
  • We are honest, open and with no hidden catches
  • We are inspirational yet down to earth

Brand language is the way in which we write. We reveal in its usage, that our world is richer and more sensory.