International wool campaign highlights environmental impact of what we wear

Cornish sustainable fashion brand, Celtic & Co., is working with Campaign for Wool to raise awareness of its new film, Why Wool Matters.

Created by Campaign for Wool to promote the vital part sheep play in our environment, the film confirms wool is one of nature’s best performing ecological fibres, and features His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales who is patron for the campaign.

Celtic & Co. co-founder and Campaign for Wool council member, Nick Whitworth, said: “Our aim is for the film to be watched by one million people worldwide. Wool is completely natural, biodegradable and renewable, and some people have forgotten the importance and benefits of it.

“This film highlights key environmental issues contributing to the climate crisis, such as the overuse of plastic and synthetic materials which need industrial processing to be recycled and end up in landfill without biodegrading.

“It also promotes the benefits of regenerative farming and biodiversity, as well as proving wool is one of the most environmentally-friendly fibres you can choose for your clothing – something we at Celtic & Co. are excited to be involved in.”

Campaign for Wool is a not-for-profit organisation promoting the natural benefits and biodegradability of wool. It was instigated by HRH The Prince of Wales, and launched in 2010. The campaign has staged more than 250 events in 17 countries worldwide, and is supported by more than 1,000 brands and consumers.

In the film, HRH The Prince of Wales speaks about the importance of educating the next generation of makers and consumers of the global benefits of using natural and sustainable resources, including wool. He also talks about the changes that need to be made in the production, use and disposal of clothing and textiles if we are going to meet climate change goals set by the United Nations.

Nick continues: “I’m proud of how this campaign clearly outlines the need for action in the fashion and textiles industry, and a major part of this is moving to a circular fashion model. We have championed this at Celtic & Co. from the very beginning, only using natural fibres in all our clothing and offering a repair service for our sheepskin boots.

“I would recommend anyone to sit down and watch this video, as it is a great opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in our industry, and the little things they can do which can have a positive impact on our environment.”

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