Women's Organic Cotton Clothing

Pure cotton clothing has a number of key benefits and is often why people prefer to wear 100% cotton over synthetic fabrics. Cotton is a natural fabric and is breathable. This means that it doesn’t retain odours like synthetic materials and so you don’t necessarily need to wash cotton tops and vests as often as you usually would with other clothing. This not only helps to save you money, water and energy, but it also means that your 100% cotton clothing will last much longer and will maintain its shape. Cotton is practical and durable and can be easily washed and cared for. As the fabric is soft, absorbent and breathable, it is preferred over other fabrics especially for skin that is sensitive, as it will help to reduce irritation. We have a range of 100% organic cotton clothing for women so that you can enjoy the full benefit of cotton clothing as much as possible. Choose from cotton dresses, blouses, shirts and tops from Celtic & Co.