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Surfers Against Sewage Interview - Part 1

Over the past year, the team at Celtic & Co have been trying to find ways to reduce our dependence on plastic and find more sustainable ways of doing business. We have made headway, such as eliminating plastic packaging from our shipping orders. However, the fight against plastic waste in our oceans can only be won if we all pitch in and make changes. We spoke to Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), a Cornish based charity, who are leading the fight against plastic waste in our waterways and beaches. We talk beach cleans, royal weddings and what you can do to help reduce your plastic consumption. 


"We have seen the work that Celtic & Co. are doing to continually improve their processes and it’s fantastic, it’s also great to see that you encourage staff and customers to re-use and recycle."

Please explain a little about your mission at Surfers Against Sewage…

Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity. We want to see our oceans better protected for the future for everyone, so we focus on creating great community projects and campaigns to do just this. We’re much more than our name suggests and, while protecting our beaches from sewage remains in our DNA, we also work on many other issues such as climate change, coastal development and plastic pollution. In recent years the scale of marine plastic pollution problem has become clearer and it has become a priority issue for us.

Our collections are inspired by the surrounding Cornish landscape, how as a brand can we help to protect it?

Working to minimise the impact of products and manufacturing processes on the environment is a really important step, it’s also important for these efforts to be ongoing as more and more environmentally friendly solutions become available. 

We have seen the work that Celtic & Co. are doing to continually improve their processes and it’s fantastic, it’s also great to see that you encourage staff and customers to re-use and recycle. 

Celtic & Co.’s 250 Club membership is also a really good way to support SAS’s work, donations made by 250 Club members enable us to protect the UK’s unique coastal environment.

Many of our customers love visiting Cornwall and enjoying its unique landscape, what can they do to help?

The great thing about SAS is that there are so many things you can do to make a difference, one of the most common ways that people start their journey with SAS is through donating. As a member you are kept up to date on all of our projects and campaigns and whenever there’s an opportunity to get more involved our supporters are the first people to find out. Of course donating is just one way to start your journey, there are many other ways to help, from Plastic Free Communities to fundraising, volunteering to beach cleans and much more, take a look at our website for more information on how to take action.  

If someone wanted to take part in a beach clean how would they go about getting involved?

Between the 6th and 14th April, the Big Spring Beach Clean: Summit to Sea is taking place. You can find information on our website about when and where your nearest beach clean will be then all you need to do is turn up at the designated time and place to join others from your community in a big old clean up!

Alternatively, if you’d rather host your own beach clean we have a handy step by step on what to do, which is also online.

Stay tuned for the second half of this interview, 

Where we find out more about the future of plastic pollution with our friends at Surfers Against Sewage.