Tackling Plastic

Each month a group of us from across the business meet to discuss all areas of sustainability. Hot topics include waste management, ways to support marine conservation and more recently plastic….

sustainability meeting.jpg

Members of our working group come from various departments and levels within the company including the warehouse, marketing and even our company directors, Nick and Kath Whitworth. In our meetings we have been deciphering the most appropriate way to minimise our plastic use, whilst ensuring our products arrive in premium, environmentally sound packaging and remain in their perfect condition.

So Why Now? 

As of 22 October we have made the commitment to remove nearly all the plastic packaging from our orders. Whilst plastic offers great protective qualities, we have decided to trial a movement in the direction of plastic free shipments. As a result, from this week, your orders will land on the doorstep in a cardboard box, with your items lovingly tissue wrapped inside. This is not the only way that we will be improving the sustainability of our brand and it may not be our final resolution, but we’re happy that it’s a step in the right direction for Celtic & Co.

As our products only use the finest quality, natural fibres, it makes sense to ensure that the packaging that they arrive in also follows the same level of quality and consciousness. During our ongoing improvements, it would be wonderful to hear your feedback. Familiarise yourself with our brand and the work that we promote on our new web portal: Get to know Celtic & Co.If you’ve seen something that’s inspired you, or you can offer us a forward thinking, eco-friendly packaging solution, we’d love to hear from you!