our british wool partnership

In a celebration of heritage and sustainable fashion we are excited to announce that our best selling Gansey Sweater and Cable Zip Cardigan have been certified as 100% British wool by the British Wool farming co-operative.

Certifiably British, Undeniably Unique

At Celtic & Co, we believe in the power of community and sustainability. That's why we've chosen to champion British wool, the farmers and their livestock, who produce beautiful natural and sustainable fibres. British wool often remains an undervalued commodity, but not for us. We take pride in working alongside British wool to certify our end-to-end products and this commitment ensures that we not only create beautiful garments, but also contribute to the promotion of local materials. Our products are a testament to the beauty of British wool - soft, warm, and a joy to wear. 

The British Wool Marketing Boards - now known as British Wool, is a public body that was established in 1950 to promote the sale of British wool and provide services to sheep farmers in the UK. British Wool's Shepherd's Crook mark was introduced in 1972 and is an easy identifiable way to promote British wool products. The mark ensures that the yarn has been produced ethically, sustainably, is traceable, and socially responsible. Every fleece is rigorously checked and graded by hand for its quality.


"I have the Gansey and love wearing it – the subtle design and undyed colour are a striking combination and I can be proud knowing I’m supporting British manufacture and a British brand every time I wear it." 

- Katy Burnett, Head of Product


"From fleece to spinner to knitter - the journey of our British end-to-end knitwear is 170 miles!" 

- Katy Burnett, Head of Product

A Collaborative Success

We understand the importance of British knitters to our customers. Through collaborative efforts, we've increased our annual production with them, strengthening our commitment to local craftsmanship. Exciting plans are in the pipeline as we aim to grow our British end-to-end offerings into the upcoming season.