We are thrilled to welcome this highly durable material in some of our key seasonal lines. Hemp is four times stronger than cotton and produced using a fraction of the water of other natural fibres, Hemp is highly sustainable and beautifully versatile.


Obtained from stalk fibres of the Cannabis Stavia plant, Hemp holds a range of beneficial and sustainable characteristics starting with the initial growth and production process. Its impact on global waste is minimal due to its long lifespan and biodegradable properties. 

In the fashion industry, Hemp is often utilised alongside other eco-friendly, low impact fabrics such as lyocell or organic cotton, both for their physical properties and due to the ever-growing awareness of textile manufacturing and its environmental impacts.



Hemp is well-known for its strong durability whilst offering a softness similar to that of cotton. Often used for inner layers due to its breathability and useful moisture absorbing properties, this new addition to our fabric collection is the perfect choice for our environmentally conscious customers.