Wearing our Clothing & Footwear

As slow fashion pioneers and advocates, we hope we can encourage our customers to embrace a more considered approach towards fashion too. A rejection of the high speed, low cost system which promotes seeing our clothes as disposable, slow fashion is led by a simple message: less is more.

You can embrace a slower pace of fashion by investing in quality over quantity. In the UK, we own 60 per cent more clothing than we did just twenty years ago, but much of it is unworn and many tonnes are sent to landfill each year. At Celtic & Co., our products are made to endure seasons and outlast trends, allowing you to invest in fewer, higher quality pieces that are a pleasure to wear.

Valuing and extending the life of your clothes not only allows you to enjoy them for longer, but also reduce your carbon, waste and water footprint. Just three extra months of wear can reduce each by 10 per cent, an act of kindness to our environment.


To make sure your carefully crafted pieces last for years to come, using and washing them with care is the key. We supply washing instructions for all of our products, so you know exactly how to take care of them. For example, our sheepskin boots should be washed at a maximum of 30 degrees with our antibacterial, environmentally friendly Celtic Wool Wash, and dried away from artificial heat and direct sunlight. Our knits should be gently hand washed in cool water, while our coats should be dry-cleaned by specialists. To protect your leather footwear, our clever Universal Protector Spray creates an invisible barrier against rain, dirt and spills. We make sure to give you all the advice you need to treat your pieces with care, either on our website or getting advice directly from our experienced customer services team.

"Our products are made to endure seasons and outlast trends, allowing you to invest in fewer, higher quality pieces that are a pleasure to wear." - Morgan, Senior Product Developer

We recommend only washing your Celtic & Co. pieces if they really need it. If a piece simply needs a refresh, we believe the best option is airing it out and a spritz of our specially formulated Refresh Spray. This allows you to keep your pieces fresh without putting them under the stress of excessive washing.

There are lots of other simple ways you can prolong the life of your Celtic & Co. pieces. Drying your knitwear flat and taking care to gently fold it rather than hanging it will help retain its shape. Piling, a natural occurrence with natural fibres, can be addressed with a comb or an electric depiller. Linens and cottons should be washed at 30 degrees and dried naturally, and leather and nubuck can be revitalised with our Multi Brush. A small amount of time and care goes a long way.