Manufacturing our Products

Unlike other retailers, we manufacture many of our own pieces right here in Newquay, Cornwall. This keeps production miles to an absolute minimum. Safety, fair pay and treatment, and strong relationships will always be at the heart of our manufacturing supply chain.

As with all aspects of Celtic & Co., our sense of responsibility to the planet influences our manufacturing process. We're mindful of the high impact of fashion's overproduction; we carefully plan stock levels, regularly making items to order so we don't over-produce and contribute to waste.

Everything we do in our own factory, we ask of our suppliers too. Our suppliers sign a strict code of conduct to ensure they always meet our high standards for everything from safety and job security to noise levels and protecting the environment.

The majority of our products are made in the UK and we work hard to source only the best suppliers, taking care to maintain long-lasting connections and long-term contracts. We can rely on our trusted suppliers to guarantee quality ethics, and they can rely on us for a strong working relationship and fair pay, on time.


If we cannot locally source a product or material that meets our high standards, we look for the people who are leading the way in quality and care. For example, our merino wool is spun in Italy by two of the world's leading yarn makers.

Each of our suppliers are highly regarded for their long-standing reputations, but we also maintain exacting standards by  ensuring they have the very latest certifications. This means we know our specialist producers are minimising their environmental impact and producing the materials we use as responsibly as possible.

"The majority of our products are made in Great Britain and we work hard to source only the best suppliers, taking care to maintain long-lasting connections and long-term contracts." - Nick, Founder

Our action doesn't stop with our products, we consider every detail for example we reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing with green energy.

We respect workers' rights at every level, and never overlook the often-forgotten details such as gender equality. The more diversity we have in our team, the more unique perspectives and bright ideas we share. At Celtic & Co we are driven by alternative thinking, which to us means all ideas, personal beliefs, points of view, empower us to be a better more inclusive place to work.