How to wash knitwear


100% natural wool

All of our knitwear is crafted from 100% natural wool fibres and have the same cleaning and care instructions, even if your garment is crafted from a wool blend. Our natural fibres include, Alpaca, Geelong, Merino, Donegal, Lambswool and Cashmere.

Hand wash

We recommened hand washing your knitwear in cold water using Celtic Wool Wash. Follow the instrutions on the Celtic wool wash bottle carefully. When washing by hand, avoid twisting or wringing as this may damage the wool. To remove excess water from the garment we recommend wrapping it in a towel and gently squeezing it before leaving the item to dry.


Step by step instructions

  1. Use warm water and mix it with the Celtic wool wash (read the label first).
  2. Submerge the garment in the water and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  3. Carefully rinse the garment in warm water.
  4. When you’re done with rinsing, squeeze as much water as you can from the garment. Remember to not twist or wring the garment.
  5. Wrap the garment in a towel. Gently squeeze or wring the towel. Unwrap, lay it flat on a new towel and let it air dry in a cool place.

Do's and Dont's

Do take your knitwear to the dry cleaners for large stains. Hand wash in cold water.

Don't use fabric conditioner when washing. Put on a spin cycle. Hang your knitwear out to dry. use artificial heat sources to dry your garment.