How to clean sheepskin slippers


Read the instructions

Almost all of our slippers are machine washable with our Celtic Wool Wash unless otherwise advised, please check the specific product page on our website for particular instructions. Please note: It is common for darker colours to fade during washing. For contrasting colours on the same pair, we strongly recommend hand washing in cool water, using our wool wash.

Sponge clean

For styles that are sponge clean only, we recommend using our Celtic Wool Wash in cold water to gently remove any dirt or stains on your boots. Always allow to dry naturally, away from all artificial heat sources. Once dry, gently brush with our Multi-Purpose Suede Brush. Please do not soak, Use fabric conditioner, Use artificial heat to dry or dry in direct sunlight


Machine washing

Put the slippers in a pillowcase to avoid drum marks from the washing machine. Machine wash on a 30 degree wool cycle with Celtic Wool Wash. This is the only wool wash that has been tried and tested over many years on our sheepskin footwear, so while others are available we can’t be sure that you will get the same results if you use them. We recommend respraying the boots with a protector spray after each wash.

Protecting your slippers

To repel dirt and stains, we would advise you to apply our Universal Spray Protector to all your sheepskin footwear, please read instructions on the spray carefully for directions before applying the spray.

Celtic & Co. products are made with the highest quality craftsmanship and sourced from the finest materials available. While these materials have been treated with premium dyes, some dye transfer may occur onto light clothing or furniture – as with any deep, richly dyed material.


How to remove oil based stains

One of the most common queries we receive is how to remove grease and oil from footwear following accidents in the kitchen. Before working on the stain with anything wet, which may set it in, apply some talcum powder or chalk to the area which should help to draw the grease out. After a few hours remove the powder by brushing it off with a soft brush. Follow this up with a spot clean using our Cleaner Spray, and finally, if the stain hasn't lifted, use our Celtic Wool Wash to either machine wash or sponge clean the boots or slippers. Once the footwear has fully dried, which can take a few days, give them a good brush over with a soft brush to bring up the nap.