How to clean a sheepskin rug


Specialist dry clean

We recommend using specialist dry cleaners if your sheepskin rug becomes marked or stained. We have partnered with the Ace of Suedes specialist cleaning service who are based in London but also offer a option to send your rug by post. They also specialise in odour removal.

Do’s and Dont’s

Do invest in a quality sheepskin rug. Vacuum the rug. Keep your rug in a cool well ventilated place. Brush regularly to maintain softness. Shake it out.

Don’t leave in direct sunlight. Wash in the washing machine. Tumble dry. Dry on the radiator. Use bleach. Wash in hot water. Brush when wet.


Day to day care

For day-to-day care simply shake the rug outside and brush with a wide tooth wire brush to bring it to life again. When those accidents do happen, spot clean your rug with a damp cloth.