How to clean a sheepskin coat


Caring for your sheepskin coat

All our sheepskin coats and gilets are pre-treated to resist marks and stains before the coat leaves us. Reusing the coat bag that the sheepskin coat or gilet arrives in will ensure they remain in perfect condition. However, accidents happen and we have a few suggestions that will help prolong the life of your coat or gilet.

Specialist dry clean

We recommend using specialist dry cleaners if your coat or gilet becomes marked or stained. We have partnered with the Ace of Suedes specialist cleaning service who are based in London but also offer a option to send your item by post. Whoever you choose your coat or gilet will be in good hands and will be looking like new in no time.


Treating smaller stains

If your sheepskin outerwear does become marked, it can be sponged and brushed. Try to clean the stain as soon as it occurs. Hand blot the area to be cleaned with a rag and cool water. Do not soak through to the suede. Carefully rinse and hand blot excess moisture with a towel. Let the skeepskin air dry naturally and brush the wool when nearly dry to fluff it up.

Protecting your sheepskin

You may wish to reapply the stain protection treatment at home, and this can be done by using the Cherry Blossom Spray Protect on the suede/leather side of your garment. Please ensure that you follow the instructions on the can and hold the product at the required distance so that the liquid cannot run down the garment, we would also suggest doing a patch test before using any protection products.