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There is no need to dispose of your much-loved footwear; reduce waste and reuse your boots through our restoration service. 

Our sheepskin boots are designed to stand the test of time; handcrafted from the finest quality, British sheepskin and finished with a hard-wearing rubber sole, but they can begin to look a little loved after a few winters.

Through our resole and repair service, we can restore your boots by replacing the sole, heel and toe panels, giving them a brand-new lease of life.

Please contact Customer Services on 1866 403 5242 or by email at [email protected] for a quote.

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Prior to sending us your boots or slippers for resole, please wash your Celtic & Co item thoroughly and remove any traces of mud before allowing them to dry naturally. This speeds up the process of restoring your boots and helps our team to quickly identify any repairs that require our attention.

Send your boots along with a note detailing your name and contact details to:

Celtic & Co. Resole & Repair Dept
Unit 2, Lodge Way
Indian Queens
St. Columb