Organic Cotton

Eco Cotton

Less than 1% of the world's cotton production is organic.

This precious natural resource has been refined over centuries by the traditional Egyptian cotton industry.

Grown using natural compost and sourced through an ethical supply chain, our latest refined range of GOTS certified organic Egyptian eco-cotton is made in Britain and is as soft on the environment as it is on your skin.

Pure Organic

Pure organic cotton has many benefits over synthetic fabrics. It’s a natural fabric and is breathable, which means that it doesn’t retain odours like synthetic materials and so you don’t necessarily need to wash cotton tops and vests as often. This not only helps to save you money, water and energy, but it also means that your 100% organic cotton clothing will last much longer and will maintain its shape.


Honest Materials

We only use the finest, GOTS certified 100% organic cotton yarns, to ensure the highest quality, ethically made, eco-friendly materials.

We’ve developed a close relationship with our organic cotton production partners to promote a sustainable model for creating an ethical, transparent and completely environmentally friendly production process. We support social and ethical approaches, protecting people along the production chain with emphasis on fair wages, women empowerment and child protection education and training.

Low Impact Production

State-of-the-art facilities means a lower impact industry, with a sustainable future for both fashion and communities.


Responsible Fashion

We are committed to a more responsible fashion ethic and are partnering with suppliers who are actively contributing to supporting the achievement of the global development goals.

We're backing initiatives which promote a valuable model for creating an ethical, transparent and completely environmental-friendly production chain.

They guarantee that benefits and returns are shared among the company, the communities involved and the stakeholders of the textile supply chain and fashion in general.


100% Natural Fabric

Organic cotton is practical and durable and can be easily washed and cared for. As the fabric is soft, absorbent and breathable, it is preferred over other fabrics especially for skin that is sensitive, as it will help to reduce irritation.

We have a range of 100% organic cotton clothing for women so that you can enjoy the full benefit of cotton clothing as much as possible.

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Global Goals

Our partners support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, work, the environment and the fight against corruption. They are committed to making the United Nations Global Compact, and its ten principles. They're also engaged in collaborative projects that promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).