Why Wool Matters

Why Wool Matters; Featuring HRH The Prince of Wales, narrated by Alex James

International Campaign for Wool recognises environmental impact of what we wear in its new film; Why Wool Matters.

In line with our sustainability programme, Celtic & Co. has been working alongside  Campaign for Wool and we are thrilled to introduce you to it's eye-opening new film, Why Wool Matters.

The short documentary highlights the key role that sheep play in our environment. As one of nature's best performing and ecological fibres, wool has been confirmed as a carbon neutral, natural fibre with biodegradable and renewable properties. 

HRH The Prince of Wales features in the short film as patron for the campaign. Instigated in 2008 by HRH and launched in 2010, Campaign for Wool was set up as a non-profit organisation promoting the natural benefits and biodegradability of wool. The campaign has since staged more than 250 events in 17 countries worldwide, and is supported by more than 1,000 brands and customers. Prince Charles discusses the importance of educating the next generation of makers and consumers of the global benefits of using natural and sustainable resources. He highlights the changes that need to be made in the production, use and disposal of clothing and textiles if we are going to meet climate change goals set by the United Nations.

"I would recommend anyone to sit down and watch this video, as it is a great opportunity to learn more about what's happening in our industry, and the little things they can do which can have a positive impact on our environment."

- Nick Whitworth
Celtic & Co. Co-founder

Here at Celtic & Co.,  we are passionate about all things sustainable and increasingly seek out ways in which we can encourage environmentally beneficial practices in both our products and our community. The benefits of sourcing wool over synthetic fibres such as acrylic, nylon and polyester are vastly significant in a time where our planet needs us the most.

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Read more about our work with the initiative Campaign for Wool, or visit the official campaign page.


Campaign for Wool highlight 10 reasons Why Wool Matters:

1. Pure wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable, if you love the planet use more wool!

2. It is warm but it is cool too because it adapts to the wearer that’s why sheep are so snug and content!

3. Wool is flame retardant and will often self-extinguish. Fire-fighters like it because it produces less smoke and toxic fumes making it a safer choice for the home.

4. Strong and long lasting wool carpets and rugs can take lots of heavy wear and are known to look better for longer quality always lasts!

5. Sleep well with a wool bed, pillow, duvet and blanket-scientific tests show that wool  will create a sleep climate perfect for you... deeper sleep, lasting comfort and sweet dreams.

6. Wool has hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial propertieit makes the air that we breathe cleaner and better.

7. Wrap your babies in wool so they breathe easy...wool will keep them cosy and warm but not too hot as it cleverly changes to their temperature needs and is good for their skin.

8. Insulate with it, soundproof with it, wear it, walk on it, wrap things with it. The world’s oldest renewable fibre is also the most versatile and modern.

9. Sheep are amazing they graze peacefully, grow wonderful wool, we use it to make beautiful textiles and the whole process begins again... no depletion, just sustainable and sensible.

10. Wool is smarter than any other fibre it travels a long way on its journey from the sheep to finished product but it never loses any of its remarkable qualities and it looks and feels fabulous too