Our Recycled Geelong Gloves

Crafted in our Newquay factory from pre-consumer recycled geelong jumpers, our Recycled Geelong Cuff Fingerless Gloves welcome a new step in the movement towards our brand’s circular fashion production.

Sourced from our British knitter, these repurposed materials are diverted from landfill to create a sustainable and super-soft accessory. The design is modern and functional, featuring a wrist panel for a polished finish. Made from supersoft Geelong lambswool, the gloves are both cosy and warm with a lightweight feel. In each pair, we seamlessly blend style with sustainability, offering a product that not only warms your hands but also embraces eco-friendly origins.

Made from 100% Geelong Wool

Made with 100% Geelong Wool: One of the most sought-after lambswools in the world, Geelong boasts a fine softness that rivals cashmere for its sheer luxury. This 100% natural fibre is breathable and lightweight and is carefully carded as it's spun to ensure it traps air and creates that inimitable featherlight cosiness.