A masterpiece of art
on our gift box

At Celtic & Co. we are actively providing better packaging solutions so that we’re not adding to the mountains of waste that already exists. 

We package your orders in cardboard and tissue paper, and seal with strong paper tape. We also love it when packaging looks good, so for our gift boxes, as a rolling change (so not to be wasteful), we’ve created a bespoke Cornish seamless pattern on the inside for that extra special touch.⠀

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1a0a6696 low.jpg

It has cost our designer Alison endless, sleepless nights to create this piece of art. But we think it was totally worth the effort! 

The design evokes the tone and spirit of the beautiful Cornish landscape. The layers begin with the mysterious underwater world and the waves of our beautiful Atlantic ocean, working through the rolling hills of our land with the iconic tin mine silhouettes and up through the clouds and into the sunlit sky, accompanied by iconic swallows. 

Influenced by Celtic and Co.’s clothing, you can discover elements of stitching, cabling and chevrons incorporated through the clever seamless design and our strapline in amongst the waves. 

The Celtic brand blue is the main colourway with a pop of gorse to complement and to finish this masterpiece of a gift box. 

The new style gift boxes are for Slippers and Boots only.

Gift Box Design
Gift Box Design