Life in Cornwall

By Kath Whitworth

Whilst most people’s image of Cornwall is a beach bathed in sunshine in the height of summer (or is that wishful thinking?) what us locals relish the most is the stunning Cornish coastline in the depths of Winter. Miles of beaches lie abandoned so it can feel like you’ve stumbled across a deserted island with a stunning beach all to yourself. Of course you do need to wrap up in lots of layers including gloves, hats and scarves for when the icy winds really bite.  


Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I used to secretly love the days when the kids used to get their winter colds, and I’d sound just like my mother, whilst bundling them up in their winter clothes to go for a long blustery walk to ‘blow out the cobwebs.’ Fresh Cornish sea air can do wonders for winter snuffles, especially teamed with a flask of warm blackcurrant. I have very fond memories of us all seeing who could lean furthest into the oncoming winds across the headland – a game guaranteed to ensure that everyone got the best night’s sleep and nine times out of ten the kids would be well enough to go back to school the next day – much to my dismay!


I've always loved getting out my winter wardrobe, I'm far more of a jumper and boot person than shorts and skirts. We’ve all got our favourite cosy jumpers, that perfect jacket that goes with everything, and the more functional pieces for when you know you’ll be exposed to the elements. This is always something I bear in mind when bringing together the Autumn Winter collections, pieces need to be stylish and functional, but also be just as good year after year.


With the kids now grown up, Nick and the dog are my winter walking partners, and we don our boots, wrap up to the nines and get exploring. Now at a slightly slower pace, and often with a pit stop for a hot drink and a piece of cake (a man is allowed a bit of sugar I’m constantly being told!) you can't beat venturing through fields and cliff tops, admittedly when the rain is holding off, not quite as fun when even the dog looks like a drowned rat! 

winter cornish coast.jpg

As Winter has always been our busy season, I've learnt to make the most of the time off when we get it, and most recently have been experimenting with winter warming dishes, from traditional stews to short ribs of beef, anything that can cook long and slow, and makes your stomach grumble when you walk in the door and get hit by the gorgeous smells coming from the oven. 

mothers day1.jpg

Before the madness of the Christmas rush hits, the dark and cold evenings are the perfect excuse to catch up on tv with the dog passed out in front of the fire and green tea on tap. As much as I love reading about women who entertain hundreds of friends, visit the latest exhibitions and restaurants, I wouldn't swap my Cornish way of life for anything!