Fit Bumps and Mums

Tell us about your business…what do you do?

'I have recently launched Ottilie Active which is a stylish maternity activewear brand. The clothing range was an idea which grew organically from the requests of my clients who come to pre and postnatal exercises classes at my Fit Bumps and Mums studio in Cornwall. The ladies were finding that they couldn’t purchase things like breastfeeding sports bras or good quality maternity leggings in the UK so we decided to meet their need'. 

What makes your business unique/special?

'All are items are designed in Cornwall by myself with the help of other local Mums who have put together the apparel graphics spec sheets and created prototypes for the range'.

'When I design each item of clothing for the Ottilie Active range I come at it from 3 angles and the 3 facets of my life'.

'Firstly, there is the element of function in terms of being a Mum, whether that be pre or postnatal i.e. the 3 easy to use metal poppers on the sweatshirt, things like this need to be thought about in a very practical way'.

'Secondly each item needs to be designed so that it is perfect for an active lifestyle, leggings are no use if they fall down every second, so the high waisted postnatal leggings are designed to keep everything tucked away allowing Mums to feel confident that they won’t expose themselves every time then bend over'.

'And last but by no means least is the aspect of style, I won’t buy anything that isn’t either functional or stylish but with Ottilie Active we aim for all the products to be both. Being a Mother shouldn’t mean we have to compromise on style!'


What item/service on your menu or in your shop do you just LOVE and think everyone needs?

'My favourite item from the range is the breastfeeding sweatshirt! I am not even breast feeding and I wear mine all the time. The fabric is so soft and cosy, so it is just a perfect casual wardrobe staple, especially for a new Mum'. 

In what way have you gone above/beyond in the past for a customer?

'I guess you could say creating the whole line was me going above and beyond, without my customers asking for these items Ottilie Active would definitely not be here today. I am always trying to meet the needs of my clients whether that be with new products or services!'

What are you passionate about outside of your business?

'I have 2 loves, my children Alfie and Harry who keep me very busy and the gym, I love most things fitness related and aim to get to the gym 6-7 times per week. It is what keeps me sane in the craziness of running a business and parenting 2 small children! It is the time of the week where I can just be myself, rather than Mum!!' 


Describe your perfect day?

'My perfect day would be an early morning gym session followed by biking with my boys to go somewhere, we love Lakeside in Newquay, for breakfast! Then we would all chill out in the garden and play some ball games in the sun and in the evening, I would have a BBQ and a glass of wine with my husband, Sam!' 


What other local business to you love and why?

'Newquay has lots of fantastic places to eat, we love Lakeside for breakfast, coffee and bagels from the Jam Jar for lunch and Kahuna or Bush Pepper for dinner'.

'The new zero waste shop in town is fantastic and they sell Olfactory Coffee which is amazing!'

'We spend quite a lot of time at the Heron Tennis Centre and they are all so friendly there, and of course Academy Fitness where I go to the gym!'