Fashionable - even in an apocalypse

In October 2010 an era began, which has bonded many in front of our televisions; the first episode of The Walking Dead was aired. The apocalyptic series around Rick, Andrea, Daryl, Carol and co. has been responsible for many hours of intense television drama. 

Its latest and final series, series 11, was aired in February 2021 and to the delight of many watchers, a favourite character has made a return - Maggie, played by British-American actress Lauren Cohan.

The attentive watcher might have spotted the coat she is wearing amongst all zombies. It's the Celtic & Co. Waxed Riding Coat in Dark Brown

It's the stable companion for Maggie during season 11 and it's outdoor attributes have been put to the test during the filming of the series. It kept Maggie comfortably dry ("...we just shot them in a massive manmade rainstorm the other night, your coat really held up against the elements!") whilst allowing her the ability to move - in sometimes quite an acrobatic manner!

So, if you're looking for a robust coat with a flattering fit in a sturdy waxed cotton finish - have a look at our Waxed Riding Coat. Designed with a fitted silhouette that'll accommodate knitwear, it features adjustable waist straps and is lined with cotton-blend fabric in a cheery tartan pattern.

Finished with a dipped hem and a traditional pleat, it'll get to know your shape over time for a fit that keeps on getting better with every wear. 

It will see you through many seasons of country living. With or without apocalypses.