We did!

Fashion Revolution Week is the time when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry. Do you know who made your clothes and accessories? It’s important to question who made your clothing and to know that what you are buying is made in a safe, healthy, and fair environment. Are the products you’re purchasing sustainable and kind to the planet?

We are not only a retailer, we are a manufacturer as well. All of our sheepskin slippers and boots are handcrafted by our talented staff in our own factory in the beautiful coastal town of Newquay, Cornwall. Each shoe travels through several, manual steps before it's a finished product and ready to be sent out to our customers. If you're interested in the process, view our manufacturing video. We have a team of sewing machine operators, cutting operators, gluers and more. Each member of our team is responsible for one specific, important part in the shoe making process. And everyone is a master of their skill. As a responsible employer, we are very conscious of our social responsibility towards our employees. We offer living wage pay, support programs, bike-to-work schemes and more. 

During Covid-19 times, we always make sure that each member of staff is in a safe working environment with adequate social distance, free PPE and disinfection facilities. We make sure that every team member feels safe and happy to go to work. 

Today we want to introduce you to four of our valued factory team members - the other's might agree to follow - they think that the marketing team bites! ;-) 

To see how else you can get involved in Fashion Revolution Week, visit the Fashion Revolution website to find out more information.


Chloe, Sewing Machine Operator, at Celtic & Co. since 2019


Connor, Production Supervisor, at Celtic & Co. since 2011


Tamsin, Sewing Machine Operator, at Celtic & Co. since 2018


Phil, Cutting Operator, at Celtic & Co. since 2012

Our supply chain

Everything we do in our own factory, we ask of our suppliers too. Our suppliers sign a strict code of conduct to ensure they always meet our high standards for everything from safety and job security to noise levels and protecting the environment. They are members of relevant trade membership organisations such as Sedex and Leather Working Group so we know that our supply chains are clean and responsible. And our organic Eco-cotton range is from GOTS certified farms. We look for environmental and social responsibility at every turn.

Find out more about our circular fashion efforts here.

The majority of our products are made in the UK and we work hard to source only the best suppliers, taking care to maintain long-lasting connections and long-term contracts. We can rely on our trusted suppliers to guarantee quality and ethics, and they can rely on us for a strong working relationship and fair pay, on time.

If we cannot locally source a product or material that meets our high standards, we look for the people who are leading the way in quality and care. For example, our organic cotton comes from Portugal and is renowned for its outstanding quality and supreme softness. And our merino wool is spun in Italy by two of the world’s leading yarn makers.

Find out more about our sustainable materials here.