Cutting out the Middle Bag- A Year On

A year ago we made huge amendments to how we reduce, reuse and recycle materials here at Celtic & Co. So, where are we a year on with the changes we made?


Compost Caddies & Recycling Bins

We took away standard bins and replaced them with a compost caddie, a large recycling bin & a non-recycling bin (purposely made to be small to encourage recycling of course). 

A year on our compost caddie is emptied across all three kitchens twice a week and at 5 litres a caddie that means we have composted a huge 1,560 litres! Further to this, we have not once had to empty our Dalek looking compost bin as it has been successfully breaking down all material naturally while creating its own little habitat. 


Why is composting this good you ask? Well, in addition to reducing emissions, the compost created helps to save water because it retains moisture within itself by holding it within the soil created. It also reduces the volumes of what would have ended up in local landfills. Let’s not also forget it’s fantastic for growing a range of goodies in your garden.

Our non-recyclable bin has taken a step back and everyone here has been making more conscious decisions to reduce uses of non-recyclable materials opting for those that they can dispose of recycling or by using their own reusable materials like beeswax paper & bamboo lunch boxes. 


Our Packaging


We made the switch from standard plastic tape used on all orders to a paper-based alternative and changed our application method to reduce tape used on each parcel by 60%. This change really did need to happen, in 2018 we used 47,520 meters of tape. For the same number of orders in 2019 have used 19,008 meters, which is a huge reduction of 28,512 meters. We have reduced the uses of excess packaging in all orders by using self-adhesive wrap cardboard & utilised the strong cardboard boots boxes rather than adding a box to a box as many companies use. As you can imagine, with the deliveries we have from our suppliers & customer returns the amount of cardboard builds up quickly. If the boxes are in good condition, we re-use them for a number of different things including trade and press orders, exporting our international orders and transporting our goods to events and photoshoots. If our staff are moving house we encourage them to help themselves & we also pass them to other local businesses that may need them. We still use them for storing our stock in as well, particularly those that come through production from our warehouse. We have not bought plastic storage boxes since 2014 so we have endless uses for them! Once they have been used to the point of no return, we recycling them.

Pallets received from deliveries are broken down and used by staff for firewood, made into planters for the garden & even as a brilliant alternative to wallpaper- home office inspiration at its best from our Graphic Designer Alison!

We also removed the recyclable plastic bags that used to be found in your deliveries. Now, we carefully wrap your order in tissue paper- quite literally cutting out the middle bag! These bags go on to be reused across the business with the average trip starting as the warehouse recycling bags in pick & pack, to returns for re-bagging stock for protection, for returns sent to customers services & not to mention for collecting off cuts from our factory. Once these are beyond use much like our cardboard, they also go on to be recycled. 


What other changes have we made in the last year?

Coat Bags

In our reduce.reuse.recycle initiative we have created a better cycle for our coat bags. We now send our suppliers a clear fronted coat bag to send all stock to us in, this is then sent to the customer for use for many years to come while helping to keep their sheepskin coats safe and longer lasting. 


In 2019 we started re-using catalogues returned to us that couldn’t be delivered. As an ecommerce business with 5 catalogues sent to our customers a year, we appreciated that some will make their way back to us. Instead of ended up in the recycling, we decided to utilise this in our re-use initiative and started putting these catalogues into orders for customer to view the rest of our collection as well has giving the catalogue a new lease of life. We are so pleased with how our customers responded that we will be continuing to do this for the foreseeable future. 


Recycle- Reuse—Repurpose Scheme 

For those who are ever in the local area, we launched a scheme where you can bring back your old Celtic & Co. clothes or boots and we can recycle or donate them for you. In return you receive a £5 voucher with a maximum of 5 vouchers per person. All items reusable for donations go to the Royal Trinity Hospice stores to help them raise value funds towards their care of others. To learn more about them click here.

reuse scheme