Celtic & Co. x IINOUIIO

Everyone is talking about recycling in fashion. Recycling your wardrobe by changing outfit combinations regularly, recycling styles that have been there before and come back again and more importantly, recycling materials. You can recycle every fabric, even the ones made of plastic like Polyester, which accounts for over 45% of the global fibre production in 2020. But there’s a problem with this approach: plastic stays plastic. Even through recycling it doesn’t turn into something that biodegrades or composes. Sadly, the common thinking of the big fashion retailers seems to be “If you just throw enough money at a problem, there will be a solution”. But no one is investing money to tackle the big plastic problem in fashion – it’s not profitable. So, what can you do to make a difference?

The obvious answer for us is – wear natural fibres like wool! We don’t need to tell you more about the amazing properties of this natural, renewable, and compostable material. But did you know that no manmade fibre can compete with the abilities of wool? Spun into lovely soft yarn, it’s a hard-working and long-lasting material that is perfectly suitable for recycling. Want to try this out? Have a look at our new throw, made from recycled wool in collaboration with iinouiio.

iinouiio has its ethos in its name. It is never over until it is over. Since 1990, this lovely bunch of people in Yorkshire has taken well used and loved woollen items, removed contaminants from it such as zips, buttons and labels, sorted everything into colour to avoid dyeing, then shredded it all back to fibre, ready to start a new life by spinning the fibres once more into yarn. Which you can buy from their fabulous shop if you’re a keen knitter.

You can enjoy the comfort and warmth of our new Recycled Wool Herringbone Throw in two colours, Vintage Blue/ Landscape and Claret/ Landscape. This throw not only helps you to put the finishing touches to your home, but it will also make you feel good whilst doing so. Arrange it over the back of your sofa, tuck it into the seat of your favourite chair or keep it handy at the foot of the bed on chilly nights. The possibilities are endless.

Using recycled wool comes with several benefits. According to ‘Case Study 181’, a report compiled by the British Textile Technology Group, funded by the Energy Efficiency Office (Department of the Environment) and published by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 1993 ‘Textiles and the Environment’ there are huge savings in energy, water and pollution from choosing recycled wool made in the UK. In addition, freshwater consumption and effluent production are greatly reduced because processes such as raw wool scouring and dyeing do not need to be repeated.

We look forward to developing more styles with recycled wool in the future. Let’s strive for a better fashion future together.