Women's Kilts & Skirts

Our bestselling Women’s Kilts are the prefect combination of traditional and contemporary styles. If you’re looking for a Kilt that’s expertly crafted look no further than these beautiful Scottish Kilts. Every Kilt is intrinsically made by the last remaining Kilt manufacturer in Scotland. This manufacturer keeps true to it’s Scottish values and still produces Kilts for the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Popular all over the world each Kilt is made from 100% Wool with a Polyester lining for comfort. Traditionally you position the pin at the bottom right-hand side of the Kilt, around 2-4 inches from the bottom and 1.5 inches from the edge.

Scottish Kilts originate back to the 16th century and worn by the Men of the Highlands of northern Scotland. Although back then the Kilt incorporated a cloak which you could drape over your shoulder and keep you warm during the cold Scottish winter days. The modern Kilt that you see today developed in the early 18th century and has lost none of it’s appeal to this very day.

We sell a wide range of Women’s Clothing including our popular Leather Leggings, Leather Trousers, Leather Joggers and selection of Lounge Pants. All made with premium natural materials which will make you fall in love them every time you put them on. These time less pieces will last throughout the years and look great with any of the stunning Knitwear and Outerwear made by Celtic & Co. Browse our online collection of Kilts for women from Celtic & Co now. We only work with sustainable suppliers that share the same values and ethics as we do. We can trace our suppliers all the way through to source so were always confident that the Kilt you choose will be made from premium, sustainable materials.