Shearling Boots

Ever since we were founded more than 25 years ago, Celtic & Co has produced some of the finest hand-made genuine shearling boots in the UK. We still strive for that, making shearling boots in men’s, ladies’ and children’s styles from our factory in Newquay, Cornwall (and with many of the same expert craftsmen and women overseeing production).

As these are traditionally made shearling boots, they are not like the footwear commonly available on the high street. Every pair of our shearling boots is made to last, and can be repaired and reworked when they do finally show signs of wear. Each pair should last you – literally – a lifetime.

Genuine, English shearling boots

We use real shearlings, of course. Every-one is sourced from an English farm, and most from right here in the West Country. Better still, we are committed to safe, sustainable and a cruelty-free shearling industry. Every skin is a by-product of the UK food industry, and ensures full and efficient use of every part of the animal. Not only do you get premium quality, traditionally made footwear, you get the peace of mind of knowing you are doing your part to reduce waste and encourage the exploitation of fully renewable resources.

What style is right for you?

We offer several styles of shearling boots, and each will appeal to different people in different ways. Both our Classic and Celt styles are made in both short and long versions, depending on how you like to wear them and what you’ll be dong in them.

The Original Celt Boot 

These come in both men’s and women’s sizes, and in a wide selection of colours. The sole of the Celt Boot is black, and the leg has an attractive raw cut finish.

The Classic Boot

The Classic, instead, has a coloured sole chosen to compliment the colour chosen for the boot and a matching leather top binding.

Other Styles

The Celt Boot is our signature style, and the Classic is currently our best-selling lady’s style, but we have many others suitable for men, women and children.

Choose the finish that expresses your own style

Our collection of shearling boots includes beautiful and unique finishes, suede and aqualamb. Each finish offers different qualities and fleece densities, but all of them provide sturdy, long lasting construction and a truly beautiful finished product.