A Sustainable New Year's Resolution

Make a promise to yourself in 2019 to buy more consciously... 

After oil, the fast fashion industry is the second largest polluter on the planet, so it's time to slow down and change our buying habits. Think investment clothing for your closet, pieces for life, rather than throw-away faddy styles just for the season. Think all-natural fibres that are environmentally friendly, unlike acrylic and polyester, which are polluting our oceans and water supply by releasing microfibers every time you wash. Here at Celtic & Co we are all about 'slow fashion' and how to get the most out of your clothing. So we've put together a New Year's Resolution guide to buying (and styling) more consciously.

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Throw Away Fashion Facts

With the world finally focusing on the damage to the environment that plastics and synthetic fibres are causing from the fast fashion industry, here at Celtic & Co we've been flying the flag for renewable and sustainable slow fashion since the day we started, 28 years ago here on the coast of Cornwall, England.

Our collections are predominantly crafted in the UK, produced solely from natural materials and made to last a lifetime. All of our knitwear is purely crafted from the finest wool, a natural fibre that is completely environmentally friendly. Unlike acrylic and polyester, which is polluting our oceans and water supply by releasing microfibers every time you wash, our 100% natural materials bio-degrade over time.

To start making small steps towards buying sustainable natural clothing, look at labels and see what the garments are made from, start asking clothing brands questions, if they are honest and open they should have tons of advice and information on their website, actively promoting natural fibres. 

If your closet is full of synthetic materials, don't worry, don't throw them out just yet, you can make small steps at home when doing the washing to help stop the release of microfibers by following these simple steps.

Multiple Looks for the Price of One

Natural investment pieces can indeed be a little more pricey than your average wear once and bin synthetic counterparts, so we've put together a 'how to style' guide for a few of our favourite items. First up, nearly all of our shearling outerwear styles are fully reversible, giving you two completely different looks in one coat. Go traditional with the suede side out, or turn inside out and stop traffic with the bold shearling!

- Reversible Merino Double Zip Parka -

This winter, we tweaked the design of our sell-out merino parka from last year, keeping the flattering fit, sumptuous hood and double zip for a modern twist. Crafted in Great Britain from 100% shearling, this black beauty is fully reversible so is daytime perfect and night time glam all in one.

- Shawl Collar Hooded Coat -

Now in our clearance sale with 20% off, this classic style coat can effortlessly take you from day to night. Fully reversible with black suede finish to one side and silver tipped wool on the other. This is another proudly British piece, a coat for life that is easily styled up or down.

Here's how we styled it this year...

Nifty Knitwear

Instead of buying one item of clothing for just one look, mix up your options and get the most out of your investment. Our knitwear is offered in wearable tones, inspired by our Cornish landscape, a natural colour palette that will never go out of fashion or go against your ever-changing style over a lifetime. The designs seen throughout in our knitwear collections are also well thought out (well done Kath!). They are always offered in classic styles, always there for you whether your'e wearing with jeans whilst walking the dog, pairing with smart skirts for work, layering with leather leggings for stand-out evening glam or even throwing together with joggers for when you're lounging around the house! 

A fine example (seen below) of how to wear one item four ways, is with our Turtle Neck Slouch Sweater. Being a neutral tone and in a classic style, this turtle neck can be worn with any colour pants, outerwear or accessories. Crafted in Britain from 100% merino lambswool, it is super soft and warm, and will see you through the cold season and for many years to come.

Caring for your Knitwear

Investment clothing also requires invested time to care for them. We never hang our knitwear as they usually grow on the hanger and become distorted, so folding items and carefully storing them away will make sure their shape stays as good as new. Natural knitwear doesn't need washing half as much as synthetic too, this is because is it incredibly dirt resistant. But if you feel you need to freshen up your sweater or cardi, we recommend hand washing our knitwear and air drying flat as to not shrink or distort its shape.


Our warm shearling products are handcrafted from British sheep, a bi-product of the farming industry. We support farmers by buying this waste product (which would have otherwise cost them lots of money to dispose of) and crafting it into luxury items. It's recycling at it best! Our footwear is specially treated so that they can be machine washed, bringing them up like new every time. They are also double-stitched, making them robust and last the test of time.

Everyday we receive lovely feedback from our customers, who are happy about our shearling footwear. Here's a few examples of recent feedback we've received: 

Mrs Barbara Turner - "This is my fourth pair of Celtic Boots. I have a village shop and Post Office and my feet need to be comfortable and warm. These new ones had 'worn in' within half a day and the colour (Blue Iris) is a lovely shade. Each pair I buy are different colours and they match what I wear. My original pair, I bought several years ago and have only changed the insoles once. I wear mine all day virtually every day in Winter."

Lesley Jo Anne - "I have had a pair of Bootee Slippers for five years and they have lasted well, I am heavy on footwear so for anything, especially slippers! To last me so long is amazing. I love them toasty and warm, comfortable, well washed and I’m about to buy a second pair to replace them."

Watch the video below, showing our talented workshop staff here in Cornwall handcrafting a pair of boots...

For more information on our mission of creating a more sustainable future with fashion, visit our 'Get to know Celtic' portal by clicking here, where we talk about our brand history, ethos and the all-natural materials we use.