Luxurious Linen by Celtic & Co.

Why We Love Linen

With Summer well and truly on its way, we are embracing linen as the perfect natural fibre for the season. Linen fabric has many attractive qualities, and we think that it truly is irreplaceable in the summer months, either at home or when travelling abroad on holiday to warmer climates. The main benefit of wearing linen clothing in warmer weather is the coolness that the fabric provides. 

Thanks to its weave and naturally occurring properties this fabric allows air to flow freely to the skin and its composition means that it stays slightly away from your skin, allowing the garment to 'breathe'. Linen feels like more of a stiff and sturdy fabric than its softer counterparts, meaning it doesn't cling to the skin as you get warmer.

Linen is a naturally thermo-regulating and sweat wicking fabric, so you can be sure to stay cool and dry in the heat with our favourite linen pieces for summer. Explore our linen collection and discover your favourite pieces...

Linen Racer Back Vest
Linen Boat Neck Top
Linen Tapered Hem Top
Linen Colourblock Top
Linen Dolman Top
Knitted Linen Cardi