Recycled Cotton

In our strive to improve on sustainable sourcing and production, we have incorporated this environmentally conscious fabric into some of our key lines for the new season. Supplied from Italian spinners holding GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and 4sustainability┬« accreditations this lightweight and cooling material offers the ultimate comfort for your Spring Summer wardrobe.



Composed of organic fibres extracted from the seeds of the cotton plant, cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics worldwide with approximately 75 percent of the world's clothing products containing some amount of cotton. In utilising recycled cotton, also referred to as 'regenerated cotton,' the amount of energy, water, and dye is considerably reduced as the cotton yarn has already been processed into a product and sourced from pre-consumer textile scraps or post-consumer garments. 


Our recycled cotton fabric takes environmental responsibility as seriously as we do. As well as being strong and durable, it offers soft and cooling properties making it ideal for when the temperature starts to creep up. Cotton is known for being a firm favourite in our essential wardrobe, and in our strive to achieve environmentally conscious alternatives to cotton waste we can revive all the beneficial properties of cotton in an eco-friendly process.



We take extra care when selecting our suppliers, from the sourcing and spinning of the yarn to the manufacture of the product and ensuring the air miles are kept as low as possible. Our recycled cotton range has been sourced from Italian spinner Pinori Filati holding GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and 4sustainability┬« accreditations. The recycled element is made from discarded denim, reducing the amount of fabric that ends up going to waste.