Press Release: Celtic & Co. announces winning jumper for Wool Week 5-18th October 2020

Press Release: For circulation from Monday 5th October 2020

Wool Week 5-18th October 2020

The year 2020 is a remarkable year in many ways. Not only do we celebrate our 30th anniversary, the Campaign for Wool is celebrating their 10th year with their annual Wool Week from 5th to 18th October as well and we are part of it again.

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales, the Campaign through its yearly activities and Wool Week communicates and educates consumers of that natural benefits, well-being properties and biodegradability of wool.

Celtic & Co has been a supporter of Wool Week for many years, as they only ever use natural materials such as wool for all their collections. The Wool Week mantra of “Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable” is at the heart of everything that Celtic & Co. do. “Wool and sheepskin are the natural sustainable choice for our timeless slow-fashion pieces. Otherwise these resources would be handled as waste and would end up in landfill* or be incinerated.” Says Co-founder Kath Whitworth.

For the 10 year celebration we have been working on a year-long student design competition with the Campaign for Wool, where fashion design students were able to participate by sending in a design for a jumper, which will be produced exclusively for Wool Week.

We are very excited to announce that the winner of our competition is Courtney Davies from Plymouth College of Art. She worked incredibly hard during challenging circumstances to create a stunning Geelong wool jumper with diamond stitch detail and extra wide arms. The jumper will be displayed on our stand during the interactive event. Excitingly, the jumper will also be available for customers to buy exclusively online as “Geelong Courtney Jumper” in a limited edition run of 100 from 5th October 2020 for pre-order at £125.

Kath: “There are so many talented designers in our universities. We have been very happy to work with Courtney together on this project. Her vision for our jumper fitted perfectly to our brand, style, and ethos. Wool is such a versatile material and importantly Courtney’s design is both commercial and sustainable.”

Other leading brands have worked with this great initiative and has resulted in exclusive and limited edition pieces being created that showcase the wide versatility of wool including carpets, rugs, furniture, tailoring and accessories.

The launch of this project is available on the Campaign for Wool social and web channels and will be shown via a 360 degree immersive and interactive virtual image. The team behind the event has worked hard to ensure that the display, showcased at Salts Mill, Saltaire, will be Covid-19 safe, which means that the majority of the focus will be virtual, and you can join them from your safe place at home.

*Wool biodegrades in the land and the ocean, adding nutrients back into the ecosystem.