Sustainable Style


In Our Heritage

For our 30th Birthday celebrations our owners, Nick & Kath, discuss our sustainable approach to our products and business operations.

Knitted top

In Our Nature

At Celtic & Co, sustainability has been at the heart of our operations since the very beginning. We are proud to be a sustainable, luxury, fashion and lifestyle brand, flying the flag for British made products in our slow fashion industry.

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion

We've been flying the flag for renewable and sustainable slow fashion since we started, almost 30 years ago. We are pioneers of the slow fashion movement and create investment clothing for your wardrobe, pieces for life, rather than throw-away styles just for the now.

Natural Fibres

Natural Fibres

We use all-natural fibres where ever possible, that are sustainable, unlike acrylic and polyester, which are polluting our oceans and water supply by releasing microfibres every time you wash.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Positively impacting our customers and the environment, there is no need to dispose of your much loved footwear when we can reduce waste, reuse original boots and restore them through our unique, resole and repair service.


Our Commitment

We have created an internal Sustainability Working Group who meet monthly to discuss topics such as our environmental impact, plastic reduction and energy consumption. Our main focuses include responsible disposal of all company waste and developing recycling education and initiatives, alongside encouraging employees to use recycled stationary over disposable single use plastic goods.

Whilst the world of fast fashion has catapulted the industry into one which revolves around speed, convenience and throw-away garments, our core principles have stayed with us, as we have grown our business over the decades. We only ever create styles that will stand the test of time both in quality and design, often with a nod to the latest seasonal trends. We think using  natural fibres such as sheepskin and wool is the only sustainable fashion choice as they are renewable, hard- wearing and a pleasure to wear. The natural properties of these materials mean that they're easy to care for and kind to the planet. They don't contain synthetic fibres so plastic micro-fibres aren't released into our oceans when they are washed. 

We work meticulously with our supply chain to perfect each garment. The pieces we design are thoughtfully crafted from yarns and fibres that are kind to people and the planet, ensuring they're durable and comfortable. We are proud sponsors of  Surfers against Sewage and the incredible work they do to preserve our much-loved beaches. Alongside this we no longer send any customer orders using single-use plastic. Step by step, we're making regular small changes, to lesson our impact on the environment.